Why does Shop For Tennis exist?

Why cant I buy my tennis coaching Tennis Shopequipment at a better price for my students and I? 

We have been involved in the tennis community on the Gold Coast, Queensland for many years as players, coaches and parents of tournament playing kids.

As a result we were in contact with many players and coaches. We found that ….

Smaller Tennis Centers, their coaches & players were getting a crappy deal.

We found that many smaller tennis coaches were not in a position to provide 3 trade references or were not willing to submit to credit checks (and wait for up to a month) just for the privilege of opening an account with the big distributors.

Yet they wanted to buy equipment for both themselves and their students at wholesale or close to it.

They wanted to offer their students the best price for the correct racquet or piece of equipment that best suited their needs.

(Not just send them off to the closest big box store to pay full retail for the wrong racquet)

They also wanted to buy their own coaching equipment for the right price, I’m talking tennis balls, grips, string (and we mean the good stuff, Babolat RPM Blast, Luxilon Big Banger, Wilson and Yonex Poly Tour Pro).

The stuff used on the ATP and WTA tours.

Could we help the coaches and players at the smaller centres? Tennis Coaching Equipment lightbulb moment

Could we leverage our supplier contacts and offer some of the biggest tennis brands at great prices?

As a result ShopForTennis.com.au was built. We hope it helps the smaller coach at the smaller center compete with the big guys.

The best tennis gear and training equipment at wholesale (or near)

This website is for tennis coaches only. The aim is to provide big brand tennis equipment and training gear from Babolat, Wilson, Yonex, Slazenger and more at wholesale or near wholesale prices, hassle free.

Simply register and start shopping if you haven’t done so already.

We thank you for visiting our little site and look forward to being of service.

To get in touch use our contact us page. If you have new products that you’d like us to supply we’d love to hear from you.

Shop For Tennis Team